View of Auckland at night from Mount Eden.

Auckland, the Most Pleasant City in the World?

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Schedule of the Visit.

  • 1A Day in Auckland.
  • 2A City Built on Volcanoes.
  • 3The Sky Tower, Higher Than the Eiffel Tower.
  • 4Auckland, the City of Sails.
  • 5The Golden Mile, between History and Modernity.
  • 6First Contact with Nature and Haka Discovery.
  • 7From the Hot Beach to the Ice World!
  • 8Ponsonby, the Trendy Place of Auckland.
  • 9You'd Be Happy to Live Here for Sure!

A Day in Auckland.

It's hard to imagine Auckland without it's famous Sky Tower. But the tower dates only from 1997. It must be said that the city has changed considerably in the last twenty years. And it's not over.

Auckland has metamorphosed over the past 20 years.

The proximity to nature allows the city to be ranked among the most ecological in the world.

A report that gives an overview of the city and activities.

A video made by Pleasetakemeto

More than one million travelers visit Auckland each year. But most of them will only have a fast overview of the city. This is less a consequence of the jet lag than the envy to explore the dream landscapes they saw in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Many people believe that Auckland is the capital city of the country. But if Auckland held this role a long time ago, the city has since been replaced by Wellington, retaining however the role of economic capital. The third of the population of the country (1.3 million people) is settled on this 1000 km2 land between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea.

About one-third of the country's population lives in Auckland and its suburbs. A significant figure in a country with only 4.5 million inhabitants.

Auckland is the biggest agglomeration of the country.

Auckland ranks 3rd in the classification of the best cities in term of living standard (Mercer index). Paris (29th), London (38th) and New York (44th) are far behind. How to explain such an extraordinary success? Especially as every year, the city continues to climb in the ranking. Auckland could soon claim the first position thanks to brand new infrastructures in the coming years.

Auckland ranked 3rd in the classification of the best cities in the world.

Please don't worry, I won't run an endless tour of museums, restaurants and public buildings. Instead, I will guide you right to the best parts of the city. Since my first visit, I developed an optimized itinerary that I usually share only with my friends. Get ready for an exciting day in the heart of the city of sails.

A City Built on Volcanoes.

Many travelers learn to drive on the left in New Zealand. People quickly become accustomed to this mode of driving, but must remain vigilant throughout the stay.

Do not forget to drive on the left in New Zealand!

The international airport is just 20 km from the city center (CBD). If this is your first time in New Zealand, do not forget that you must drive on the left of the road! Take your time to find your marks before rushing yourself into traffic. We will make a first stop before reaching the city center.

Mount Eden is accessible either on foot or by car. A circular route allows us to reach a park at 200 meters of altitude.

A great opportunity to observe the whole city with a 360​​° panorama. However, you are not allowed to descend into the crater of Mount Eden because it is a sacred volcano in the Maori tradition!

A huge reserve of magma is flowing under the city that is built on fifty dormant volcanoes.

In fact, the islands you can spot in the bay share volcanic origins (further north, you can even visit the White Island active volcano).

Auckland is built on about fifty extinct volcanoes (the last eruption dates back 600 years). Mount Eden is indeed a volcano, but you will not be allowed to descend into the crater.

The crater of Mount Eden, an ancient sacred volcano extinct.

Don't worry, these lava monsters are no longer active and the last eruption happened 600 years ago. When volcanoes calmed down, the men took over. The Maori name for the region “Tamaki Makaurau” means “Battle of hundred lovers”. A good way to remember the endless tribal bloody wars that have marked the history of the region.

These lava monsters are no longer active and the last eruptions are 600 years old.

The tribes built fortified villages on hilltops to watch the enemies coming. Westerners will meet the worst difficulties when they will fight the formidable Maori warriors. The Treaty of Waitangi, signed the 18th of September 1840, puts an end to hostilities with the Europeans.

February 6 is National New Zealand Day. Numerous commemorations took place throughout the country, especially in the city where the peace treaty between Pahekas and Maoris was signed after a violent conflict.

The national holiday commemorates the peace treaty.

The city was baptized in honor of the Lord George Eden of Auckland and became the capital of the country for some time.

But we are no here to debate about History. If your are interested by the History of New Zealand, you should read the Kiwipal guide concerning the history of the Bay of Islands where the Waitangi Treaty was signed. Now, it's time to join the Sky Tower emerging from the morning mist.

The Sky Tower, Higher Than the Eiffel Tower.

To enjoy a breathtaking view of the Auckland region, just take the elevator which leads to the observation deck on the top floor.

The Skytower is the symbol of the city of Auckland.

Auckland has changed a lot during the last thirty years. The municipality did not wait for the 2012 Rugby World Cup to modernize its infrastructure. And the revolution is not over yet!

But despite the progress, it is still difficult to park in the city center. So, even if it's a little bitexpensive, using a car park is not necessarily a bad idea.

One thing comes for sure: it is now impossible to imagine Auckland without the Sky Tower. The most famous icon of New Zealand was completed in 1997. Three years of work have given rise to the highest tower of southern hemisphere.

With its 328 meters high, the Sky Tower even beat the the Eiffel Tower of a few meters.

The Sky Tower's elevator booth has a transparent Plexiglas floor. If you are dizzy, it is better to avoid looking at your feet.

The floor of the elevator is made of transparent glass!

The entrance to the tower is located in Victoria Street near Sky City, a giant complex where you'll find the largest casino in the country. Good news is that the early hour is perfect to escape the crowd. So, do not waste time to visit the travel souvenir shop. Instead, you should buy your tickets and join me to the elevator.

You really have to visit the observation deck to realize the extent of the city. The immense marina and the various districts are well indicated.

You can see the marina and the Auckland Harbor Bridge.

The lift is a real rocket! It takes only 40 seconds to reach the first observation deck at 200 meters above sea level. The view is spectacular and cover a distance of 82 km on 360 degrees! Part of the floor is made of transparent glass, which is already frightening but if you really want to scare yourself, there are more radical solutions.

Contrary to what one might think, the Sky Jump is not a bungee jumping. It is a controlled fall with steel ropes. But he experience is just as impressive!

The Sky Jump lets you jump from the top of the Sky Tower!

The Sky Jump is the most extraordinary way to descend the Sky Tower.

If you are brave enough, sign up for the Sky Jump!

A report by Volvooceanracevideos

The famous “Sky Jump” is an attraction where you jump from the top of the tower at 85 km / h speed. Just consider 192 meters of free fall with the spectacle of the street approaching at full speed. You'll enjoy 10 seconds of terror before being gently braked by cables ... maybe it's a little bit too extreme for you?

The Sky Walk allows you to tour the Sky Tower hanging from a harness. It's not as scary as the Sky Jump, but the sensations are guaranteed.

The Sky Walk makes it possible to confront the fear of the void.

Safety harnesses prevent the risk of falling, and the only real challenge is the vertigo.

A tour on the platform at 192 meters in the company of a guide.

Filmed by Portia Shakespeare.

You may as well try the “Sky Tower 360° SkyWalk” which is just a nice guided tour on the wide circular outer platform (one meter large and windswept). It may seem dangerous at first sight, but you'll be connected to the tower through a harness all the time.

You can even look into the void if you find the courage.

Fortunately, nothing prevents you to enjoy the beautiful view from the restaurant Orbit 360°.

An even higher platform exists, where you may use binoculars and read information boards. On a clear day you'll see the islands of the bay, but it is especially the view of the Auckland's marina that usually catch the eyes.

Auckland, the City of Sails.

Westhaven Marina has 2000 berths, but there are nearly 135,000 ships, boats and sailing boats docked in the entire Auckland region.

The marina and the numerous harbors accommodate 135,000 ships.

Westhaven and the innumerable marinas of the region allow the inhabitants to sail all year round.

Wonderful presentation of Westhaven Marina (tiltshift & timelapse).

An original creation by vidmem.

From the top of the Sky Tower, you will understand why Auckland is known as "The City of Sails." The marina has the largest number of boats per habitant in the world. You'll contemplate more than 135,000 boats docked. To give you an idea, please consider that one in four New Zealander possesses his own boat!

Right under our eyes and if you had enough time you may count nearly 2000 sails in the Westhaven Marina.

This is the largest marina in the southern hemisphere.

It's now evident that New Zealanders are passionate about water sports. The mild climate allows sailors to navigate most of the year, especially in the North of the country where you may swim with dolphins.

Sailing is one of the sports taught to children at school. Most Kiwis know how to maneuver a sailboat and many own a ship. There are no fewer than 135,000 sailboats in the entire Auckland region.

Most New Zealanders own a boat.

I recommend to attend “The Anniversary Regatta”. If you plan to visit Auckland during the month of January, you should not miss this old tradition which is repeated every year since 1840. Whatever floats : yachts, catamarans and even remote-controlled boats will sail in the waters of the bay.

Most New Zealanders have a boat. Sailing is taught in primary school and is the most popular sport after rugby.

Most New Zealanders know how to sail.

But it is especially the America's Cup that fascinates the country. The Viaduct Basin is a leisure center that was created to host the competition, won several times and narrowly lost in 2013. To accommodate visitors, old warehouses have been replaced by modern buildings. This is a trendy place on weekends.

Renovated to host the America's Cup (won by New Zealand), the Viaduct Bassin is also the starting point for cruises.

This building of the Viaduct Basin is the departure point of the cruises.

Rangitoto you see in the distance is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf. The island is a half hour from the city by boat, but there are over 50 nearby islands to explore. You should plan a short visit to the port to consult the schedules of shuttles.

However, the morning is not yet complete, it's time to leave the Sky Tower. You are free to use the lift or the Sky Jump... We have enough free time for a quick visit of the marina and we will continue the visit of Auckland after.

The Golden Mile, between History and Modernity.

If the city has many elegant buildings like this, there are many skyscrapers and buildings that are getting old.

Some Golden Mile buildings have a lot of charm.

The popularity of the center has gradually declined in favor of other areas. Even without finding here everything we could expect of a CBD, there is still plenty of things to see.

The stunning 1889 customs building was converted into a gigantic duty-free shop. In the French Renaissance style, it is a stunning monument of the city.

A few meters away, St Patrick's Cathedral is a magnificent gothic church. Do not miss the Maori translation of the Lord's Prayer at the entrance. Along the way you'll inevitably come across Queen Street, nicknamed “Golden Mile” because of its glorious past. You'll find many shops and a few skyscrapers. Wide covered walkways allow to stroll even in bad weather.

Auckland is a cosmopolitan city with many communities that cohabit in harmony.

Casual atmosphere in the streets of Auckland.

The Edge and its Civic Theater host a large number of cultural events.

Experience the atmosphere of Auckland downtown.

A report from mydestinationvideo

The old town hall, an Edwardian style building is easy to spot between modern buildings. It is now a concert hall for eclectic events, and with the Aotea square and the “Civic Theatre” it is the cultural center called “The Edge”.

Difficult to form an opinion on the architectural style of the Golden Mile which alternates modern constructions and colonial buildings.

The Golden Mile mixes skyscrapers and period buildings.

Nearby you'll find the market where we will do our shopping. We have a picnic lunch to plan. If you get lost on the way, just ask your way to the “Wise Guides”.

These nice volunteer guides walk the streets to help tourists. But to reach our next step, we will just follow the students converging in the same direction.

This tower that would fit well in a Harry Potter movie is inspired by an Oxford model.

The tower of the Old Arts Building in the Oxford style.

Several high-level universities are spread throughout the country.

Studying in New Zealand, what benefits?

A program of Uniofauckland.

The Albert Park and the Auckland's campus are just minutes away from the CBD.

The famous “Old Arts Building” has a 1926 clock inspired by the Oxford's Tom Tower.

The Auckland campus has an atmosphere that is worth trying.

A little further behind is the former parliament of New Zealand. Since the transfer of authority to Wellington in 1865, it is part of the university and welcomes teachers. Make no mistake, it is not built of stone, but in prefabricated wood. Each piece was designed and imported from England by boat.

Studying in a city with more than 50 beaches and large green spaces should leave most aspiring students dreamy.

The University of Auckland is the largest in the country.

A few hours are not enough to explore the largest city in the country.

A timelapse that presents Auckland in a minute.

Created by VideoKraftNZ.

The University of Auckland has an excellent reputation worldwide. For an even better environment to study in New Zealand, you'll need to join Dunedin on the South Island. Take your time to stroll in the campus garden where each discipline is taught in a separate house surrounded by green lawns.

First Contact with Nature and Haka Discovery.

The Greenhouse of the Botanical Garden can be visited free of charge. This is also an ideal setting for wedding photos.

The Botanical Garden and greenhouses are open to the public.

I'm just asking for a last quick walk before picnic time. Grafton Road leaves the university area to join the Auckland Domain in the Parnell area.

The oldest city park of Auckland occupies 80 hectares. The forest and its vast lawns areas cover fifteen extinct volcanoes! In the course of the centuries, the ground squashed, but kept its hilly relief. You can sit wherever you want, and get a delightful picnic on the grass in the shade of old trees.

The magnolias of the Botanical Garden are one of the many varieties of flowers in the tropical greenhouse.

The exotic flowers of the botanical garden.

When you have regained strength, you may enjoy the classical part of the park, adorned with statues.

Then you must not miss the free winter garden and its collection of exotic flowers. I'll meet you in the courtyard which houses a large pond filled with water lilies.

There's something to be impressed by the huge natural amphitheater that occupies half of the park. This is the best place in Auckland to play sports (how about frisbee?) or attend outdoor concerts. On the top of the main hill, You can not miss a building that overlooks the park.

Auckland Domain is the largest green space in the city. The huge lawn next to the museum hosts outdoor concerts. You can also stroll through the forest and admire the statues.

Auckland Domain is the largest green space in the city.

The Auckland War Memorial “Tamaki Paenga Hira” is the most famous (and beautiful) museum in the city. Its columned facade evokes the Greek temples. Large bronze plaques commemorate the major battles of the First World War.

New Zealanders often Maori warriors crossed oceans to come to fight in the trenches of Verdun in 1916. Yet this is not only a military museum, even if the topic is the subject of a full section.

The main interest of the visit is to discover the country's history and its fascinating Maori culture. I recommend you to admire the impressive 35 meters long canoe, as it is carved from a single kauri tree trunk !

From its three meters height, the moa was a bird incapable of flying and relatively defenseless. Easy to hunt, the species became extinct a few centuries ago.

The moa was a giant three-meter ostrich.

Few people remember that Maori contingents served their country (and died) during the First World War!

The visit continues with the dinosaurs gallery where you may also see the skeleton of a moa (an extinct ostrich species of three meters high).

Even if you only have time for a short visit, you should not miss the Maori show. This is an opportunity to learn the meaning of the Haka, a ritual song still interpreted by All Blacks rugby team before every match to steal the energy of their opponents (you can learn the haka in Rotorua).

To summarize, we explored the city center and its glorious Sky Tower, a great park and the best museum. After such programme, we need some fresh air! How about going to the beach?

From the Hot Beach to the Ice World!

The panel that displays the distance with the main cities of the world is a great classic of New Zealand. You will meet him all over the country.

You will see this type of panel all over the country.

Tamaki Drive at the east of the city is our next step in the itinerary. If you are a little bit tired (we already spent a great deal of time by foot), you can take your rental car or a bus to reach our goal in ten minutes. But the ideal solution would be to go cycling.

Auckland is proud to offer a new kind of self-service bike rental. You'll need to find a “Next Bike New Zealand” station in the city center. Please note that you can rent a bike even if you are a foreigner. The 8 km route is lined with gorgeous Pohutukawas. The Christmas-trees of New Zealand are covered with red leaves which bloom at this time of year.

Shuttles allow to with the volcanic islands. The island of Rangitoto in Auckland Bay is recommended if you like petrified lava landscapes.

There are shuttles to Rangitoto Island.

The splendid panorama of Waitemata Harbour where you can spot Rangitoto Island attracts a wealthy population.

If we have enough free time to spend on our way back later, we might plan a short detour toward Paritai Drive. The “ millionaires street” where you can contemplate beautiful villas is the most expensive area of ​​Auckland (it even attracts the tourists buses).

There are self-service bicycles, but you can rent them in town. Auckland is a very well-equipped city for bikes. Reserved tracks allow you to circulate away from car traffic.

The bike trails run along the shore.

Having crossed Hobson Bay, we shall follow the sea via Okahu Bay. The sandy beaches of Mission Bay and St Heliers are waiting for us.

If you had the great idea to take your swimsuit you can even go swimming if you want.

We could easily finish the afternoon on the hot sand of the beach. But I recommend you not to hang around. We must not leave Auckland without paying a visit to the “Kelly Tarlton's Antartic and Underwater World ” on Tamaki Drive.

This is the shuttle bus to the Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium. You guessed it, you can observe sharks, but also swim with them!

Advertising vehicle for the Kelly Tarlton's and its sharks.

Located halfway between Okahu and Mission Bays, this aquarium is a must. At the end of the afternoon, it is legitimate to feel a little tired, and another visit (especially a museum...) seems to be beyond our forces. But trust me please or at least wait to know the program first!

Best part of the tour takes place in an underwater plexiglass tunnel among the tropical fishes and sharks. Then, a snow motorbike ride awaits us on the ice! A penguin colony occupies this natural area restored to perfection. You can even see the penguins dive and swim under the ice.

It is possible to swim with Kelly Tarlton's sharks. Rest assured, you will join them after their meal of the day.

You can go swimming with sharks.

The large aquarium of Kelly Tartlon's even has a submarine tunnel.

A report in the aisles of the Kelly Tarlton's Antartic Zone.

Filmed by Daleroxxu.

If you have jumped off the Sky Tower, you're maybe the kind of person who enjoys swimming with sharks?

If you feel brave enough, the “Sand Tiger Shark" attraction is for you. Put on your diving combination and join an expert guide to go underwater in the middle of about 3,5 m long white sharks

Time goes by and the aquarium will close soon. The day comes to an end but there is still one district of the city that I would like you to discover.

Ponsonby, the Trendy Place of Auckland.

The Ponsonby neighborhood has a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere.

A typical building in the Ponsonby neighborhood.

Just 2 km away from the city center (CBD) you'll find the district of ​​Ponsonby. Such a contrast with the skyscrapers of downtown! Renovated villas of the 1900 era, a nice selection of fashion boutiques and restaurants... with a bohemian style. It is a small village in the heart of the city of Auckland.

The many bars and restaurants attract a crowd of locals in a relaxed atmosphere. My first idea was to invite you to dinner at the Prego, an excellent Italian restaurant, but it is complete (please book far in advance).

Fortunatly, there is room in “Kushi”, my favorite Japanese restaurant in New Zealand. The Asian community represents 13% of the Auckland population and the presence of the port ensures fresh arrivals every day.

You can trust me blindly here, and don't worry, you may try New Zealand cuisine next time during your stay.

Quite unknown in Europe, New Zealand music is influenced by the cultures of the Pacific. Visiting Auckland during the Pasifika festival allows you to discover traditional rhythms.

Atmosphere relaxed in the streets of Auckland.

The Pasifika Festival brings together all the cultures of the Pacific with exhibitors who come to share their ancestral culture.

The Pasifika festival welcomes thousands of exhibitors from the Pacific.

A report by Auckland NZ.

The service is fast and they serve you with a smile. You will be able to taste real bentos andmany original Japanese dishes. This changes of the traditional miso soup and coleslaw! You will find the usual sushis of course, but it's a real opportunity to discover the typical dishes of ramen from Japan.

At 328 meters high, the Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Pacific. It goes beyond the Eiffel Tower a few meters, but it must be admitted that it cheats a little thanks to its huge antenna.

The Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Pacific.

Leaving at night, you can admire the magnificent Sky Tower and its fluorescent lighting. If you still have some energy for a last drink, you'll find your way back to Ponsonby Road. I recommend the “Chapel Bar & Bistro” but there is such a variety of choice and you may follow your instinct.

You'd Be Happy to Live Here for Sure!

The New Year's fireworks is fired from the Sky Tower. To admire it, it is better to leave the city center.

The New Year's Firework is shot from the Sky Tower.

What a day! I could not show you everything I dreamed to share with you. I had to sacrifice superb visits to "One Tree Hill" or Devon Port. And we have not even sailed the bay to explore the islands!

But I have not said my last word! We will come back to Auckland in other Kiwipal articles.The first day of the trip was only a foretaste of Auckland and New Zealand.

Auckland would be the third most livable city in the world? After this day, you should be able to make yourself an opinion. In any case, it is an ideal city to study and visiting the campus is enough to be convinced.

Consider the mild climat, the 55 beaches of the region, the huge green parks to relax, original museums and year-round festivals... and you'll get the full picture!

A recent survey place New Zealand at the second position of the most welcoming countries in the world (just behind Iceland).

A cosmopolitan population with a low crime rate.

The atmosphere varies according to the neighborhood. Student atmosphere near the Golden Mile, bohemian in Ponsonby ... there is not one, but several Auckland.

Discover the atmosphere of the city in music.

Produced by Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Ten minutes is enough to escape the buildings and find yourself surrounded by nature. This is probably why most people are leaving the center to more pleasant neighborhoods. Such a pelasure to be able to live in Auckland!

Overall, Auckland help you to understand the nature of New Zealand locals. Their passion for sailing and rugby, two sports with great values ​​of respect and humility.

They don't forget the colonial heritage (even with its dark period) while building the future with many different populations and cultures.

New Zealand culture mixes British and Maori influences. It was built for several centuries and now has an Asian influence with the arrival of the third wave of migrants.

A modern sculpture influenced by the culture of the Pacific.

And then, there is this constant need to take on challenges. You just have to show a tower or a bridge to any guy in New Zealand and he'll ask to perform a bungee jumping for sure. You are visiting the mother country of the “do-it-by-yourself” spirit. New Zelanders are known as the “Kiwis” and they are among the most friendly, peaceful and honest people on earth.

If you want to try bungee jumping, visit the Auckland Harbor Bridge.

You can jump from the top of the Auckland Harbor Bridge.

Now that you have discovered Kiwipal, I hope you will stay with us for many discoveries.

Auckland is listed in the Kiwipal ranking of the best cities to visit in New Zealand. But other places are waiting for your visit, like Wellington (alias Windy Welly), Queenstown known as the world capital of adventure, or Rotorua and its geysers and geothermal activities ...

To conclude, please allow me to introduce you to Ben the Kiwi : our New Zealand's expert has more than one string to his bow. We are very proud to have him in our team. Ben comes at the end of each Kiwipal's article to answer all your questions.

Kiwipal improves with the opinions of its readers. If you have visited the country or a city, do not hesitate to let us know your tips and tricks to travel smart.

Do not forget to give us your opinion on the city of sails.

Before leaving you, may I remember you how pleased we are to publish New Zealand's pictures from our beloved readers. So, do not hesitate to send us memories of your Auckland visit!

William, Kiwipal
A Guide Written by William.
Founder of Kiwipal, New Zealand Travel Guide.

Questions & Answers.

What can I do for you? Auckland is not only a city, but also an entire North Island region. I will do my best to answer your questions about the City of Sails!

Ask a question to Ben

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Sky Tower

  • Does the Sky Tower worth a visit if the weather is bad?

    If there is a fog, I advise against it. At the reception near the box office, television screens show the images from a camera at the top of the tower. The staff will advise you not to buy platform decks tickets if the visibility is bad.

  • How is made the Sky Tower?

    Essentially made of concrete and steel. Note that the arrow at the top weighs 150 tons! The tower was built to withstand a shock of 8 on the Richter scale, although the area in itself is not strongly affected by earthquakes. The sky tower can also support gusts of wind at 200 km / h.

  • What is the purpose of the Sky Tower?

    It is the most powerful transmitting antenna in New Zealand, and a major tourist attraction.

  • What can I found at the top of the tower?

    The last part is inaccessible to the public. It is 300 meters above sea level and houses a small observatory.

  • Est-ce qu’il y a des restaurants dans la Sky Tower?

    The Orbit and the Observatory restaurant are ideal for dining. Do not expect high quality meals, but it's correct. The Orbit is a rotating restaurant that performs a full rotation per hour. Higher up in the tower, the Observatory is a self-service restaurant but it's a bit pricey for what it is.

  • Should I visit the top floor of the tower?

    There is indeed a $3 extra, but this floor is fantastic with glass walls over 360 °.

  • Qu’est-ce que l’on peut trouver dans le SkyCity?

    SkyCity is home to the largest casino in New Zealand with over 1600 slot machines. Add to that a hundred tables of poker, roulette and black-jack. In addition to the casino, you will find excellent hotels and many bars and restaurants. For more information, you should visit the official website here:Auckland Sky city casino

  • How about the Sky Jump?

    Expect to live a 192 meters fall at 85 km / h. It's not a bungee jump at all! A steel rope system holds you back, there is no risk of hitting the floor or the tower. The descent slows down at the end, and you will land like a feather on a sidewalk. More details and videos to get an idea on the official web page.Sky Jump

  • How about the 360° Skywalk?

    The outside tour is done with a harness connected to a ring above you. There is no risk of getting caught in anything. The whole experience is done with several participants and in the company of a guide. You can even lean into the void. More information and videos to be found on this web page:Sky Walk

Culture, Museums and Festivals

  • What can we see at the Auckland War Memorial Museum?

    The ground floor is devoted to the populations of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The masterpiece is a gigantic 35-meter long canoe named Te-Toki-A-Tapiri, "the ax of Tapiri" which was sculpted in a Totara tree trunk to accommodate a hundred warriors. Still on the ground floor you will find a reconstruction of a Maori house. A dance performance takes place several times a day with a demonstration of the Haka. The first floor is devoted to the natural history of the country. Finally, the last level is dedicated to the two world wars. Do not miss the reconstruction of a trench of Verdun and the Spitfire.

  • What can we visit at the National Maritime Museum?

    The Maori name of the museum: "Huiteananui-a-Tangaroa" means "The legendary house of Tangaroa", Tangaroa being the god of the sea. First settlers had to travel for months to reach New Zealand by boat. Their cabins were tiny, obscure, and the drinking water rations did not exceed half a liter a day. The museum presents the reconstruction of a vessel cabin that will allow you to relive (only for a moment, hopefully) the living hell experienced by the first passengers. In total, they were about 300,000 to endure this never ending crossing before breathing the fresh air of New Zealand.

  • What can I see in the Auckland Art Gallery?

    This French Neo-Renaissance building dates from 1887. It features contemporary paintings by Frances Hodgkins (a major New Zealand artist), Colin Mc Mahon and Ralph Hotere. But the museum also houses famous artworks by Brueghel the Younger.

  • Where to check the schedule of « The Edge »?

    Find the theatrical programming and concerts on this page:The Edge Events

  • How about the Pasifika festival?

    It is the largest festival dedicated to the cultures of the Pacific. It welcomes nearly 180,000 visitors from the Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Tokelau and Tuvalu ... It is an opportunity to celebrate Polynesian culture through art, fashion or music.Pasifika festival

  • How to stay up to date about Ponsonby?

    Find the latest news, including concerts announcements on this page:Ponsonby events

  • When was the last volcano eruption in Auckland?

    The last eruption gave rise to the island of Rangitoto in the Gulf of Hauraki. It occurred 600 years ago. Although Auckland is built on some fifty volcanoes, there have been only 19 eruptions during the past 20,000 years. You can sleep peacefully during your stay.

Traffic and Transport in the City

  • Is there a tourist bus to visit the city?

    The Auckland Explorer Bus route serves 14 major locations. Comments are available in several languages. If you're really in a hurry, it's a great option. You can buy your tickets at the Ferry Building on the harbor. Departures take place every hour from 9 am (10 am in winter). Visit the official website for more details.Auckland by bus

  • How to get around in Auckland?

    Different operators cover the road network. Electronic displays allow to know the schedules in advance. For global schedules and fares, consult this website:Maxx Auckland

  • How about the traffic jams in Auckland?

    It is essentially peak times that should be avoided, especially on the Auckland Harbor Bridge.

  • Is it possible to visit Auckland by bike?

    Aside from Tamaki Drive, I don't really recommend cycling in Auckland where there are few bike paths. Please remember that helmets are mandatory in Auckland.

  • How to rent a bike in Auckland?

    The "next bike" service costs $4 during the first 4 hours of rental. If you go up to 24h rentals, the rate is capped at $20. There are not many bikes at disposal (around 200). Avoid disappointments by checking availability on this website:Next Bike, Auckland Bike rental

Tours and Excursions

  • How can I buy tickets for mini-cruises to the islands?

    At the Ferry Building on the harbor; Cruises are departing from the back of the building. You will easily recognize this Edwardian Baroque edifice.

  • Where is Auckland Zoo?

    It is located on Motions Rd, Western Springs. You will see kiwis, giraffes, baboons, macaques, hippopotamuses ... in their respective reconstituted natural environments (savannah, rainforest, swamps ...).Auckland Zoo

  • Should I visit Devonport?

    It is a beautiful residential area with many craft shops and restaurants. If you have the opportunity to go there during your trip, this is one of the most beautiful areas of Auckland.

  • Why should I visit the Auckland Harbour Bridge?

    Inaugurated in 1959, this gigantic 8-lane bridge is 43 meters high and one kilometer long. It is possible to climb on it with a safety harness and you can even practice bungee jumping!Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb

  • Would you recommend to visit One Tree Hill?

    This hill can be easily recognized from afar because of its obelisk. This ancient volcano takes its name from a tree that was planted at the summit in 1640. Maori activists tried to slice this tree a few years ago and it did not survive. Since then, the question of replanting another tree is regularly mentioned. The song of U2 "One Tree Hill" has nothing to do with the incident, but concerns the hill indeed. The single will also be number one in New Zealand in 1987.

Practical Information

  • Where is Auckland iSite?

    Close to the Sky Tower atrium, at the corner of Victoria Street and Federal Street.Auckland iSite

  • How is being organized the Auckland Airport?

    There is two airport terminals. One is dedicated to international flights and the other to domestic flights. If you are in transit, take the shuttle bus which runs every 20 minutes between 6 am and 10.30 pm.Auckland Airport

  • Where can we exchange or withdraw money?

    Downtown you will find many banks on Queen Street. This main street is a few minutes from the Sky Tower.

  • What are the store's oppenings hours?

    Most are open from 9 am to 6 pm including weekends. Many supermarkets are open until 9 pm but you will also find mini-markets open 24 hours a day.


  • How about the Auckland population?

    The Pahekas (Maori slang to designate the former British settlers) represent 55% of the population. There are also 18% of Asian immigrants from China, Korea, Japan and India. With 10% of Maori and 14% of Polynesians,  Auckland has the largest Polynesian population in the world.

  • How about Auckland nightlife?

    During the week, it's pretty quiet, but the city comes alive on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Sunday is usually dedicated to barbecues (barbies).

  • Why are the Aucklanders nicknamed “Jaffas”?

    The famous Jaffas are orange-chocolate candies. They are part of the kiwiana, the national culture in some way. But the word is also pejorative and used to designate the inhabitants of Auckland: "Just Another Fucking Aucklander". A part of the country is a bit jealous of a population that benefits from the majority of the country's resources.

Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

  • Where is located the Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium?

    Go to number 23 on Tamaki Drive:Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium

  • Is it possible to swim with sharks at the Kelly Tarlton aquarium ?

    You have to book and arrive a good quarter of an hour in advance with a towel and a swimsuit. You will put on a dive suit over your swimsuit. The activity lasts approximately 2 h 30, and you will dive accompanied by a guide. Rest assured, sharks do not attack the man and they were fed before you arrived. Nevertheless, this is very impressive. If beginners are accepted, certain conditions are required like not traveling by plane during the next 24 hours. For reservations, call 0800 80 50 50 or visit the website.Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium


  • How about the weather in Auckland?

    With 245 days of sunshine a year, the weather is often beautiful in Auckland. The climate is temperate with small temperature differences. Expect 23 °C on average in summer, and 13 °C in winter. The climate is neither too hot nor too cold. Find the weather forecast on this page:Auckland weather


  • How to get to Kushi restaurant?

    It is located in the CBD of Auckland at 22 Durham Street West. You can make a reservation by calling (09) 368 4000. The restaurant is open all week at variable times. Visit the Kushi web page to read the menu and find the timetable.Japanese Kushi Restaurant in Auckland

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