Ski in extraordinary landscapes in New Zealand.

The Guide of Ski Resorts in New Zealand.

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The Practical Guide of the Activity.

  • 1Can You Ski in New Zealand?
  • 2Which Island to Go to Ski?
  • 3How to Choose Your Ski Resort?
  • 4What Budget to Enjoy Skiing in New Zealand?
  • 5Skiing at Coronet Peak (Queenstown).
  • 6Skiing at the Remarkables (Queenstown).
  • 7Skiing at Cardrona (Wanaka).
  • 8Skiing at Treble Cone (Wanaka).
  • 9Skiing at Mt Hutt (Canterbury).
  • 10Skiing at Turoa (Mount Ruapehu).
  • 11Skiing in Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu).
  • 12Skiing at Mount Taranaki (Mount Egmont).

Can You Ski in New Zealand?

You do not need to travel with your own skis to enjoy New Zealand resorts. Numerous shops allow you to hire equipment for the day or half a day.

Skiing in New Zealand takes place in dream landscapes.

Travelers visiting New Zealand during the summer months may not think about winter sports. Yet, the country's ski slopes are among the most beautiful in the world. You have doubtless already contemplated them without knowing it by looking at The Lord of the Rings.

The eight ski resorts that I am going to present to you have in common to be located in tourist areas that are not limited to winter sports. You will be able to easily plan a day of skiing in your itinerary without disrupting the organization of the trip.

With resorts far less crowded than in Europe, you are guaranteed to ski in optimal conditions. The lifts are less numerous than one might wish, but it is rare to queue to borrow them and skiing in New Zealand is definitely a must-do activity!

Unlike the resorts of Europe which are crowded and impose to get up at the dawn to enjoy the tracks before the others, the resorts of New Zealand breathe freedom!

Ski resorts are not overcrowded as in Europe.

This official report shows all the winter sports activities you can practice during your holidays.

Discover the official New Zealand Skiing presentation.

A video of New Zealand 100% Pure.

I have gathered all the useful information for skiing in New Zealand. Plan of the tracks, schedules, ski passes, rental of the full equipment ... I will not leave you all alone at the foot of the ski lifts without information! And if you still have any questions after that, our friend Ben the Kiwi will be glad to help you at the end of the article.

If this guide is mostly dedicated to people who already know how to ski, it is, of course, possible to learn skiing with a monitor at most resorts of the country.

Which Island to Go to Ski?

The ski areas are located on the two large islands of New Zealand, especially in the center of the North Island or in the Central Otago region of the South Island.

There are ski resorts on both islands of New Zealand.

The two main islands of New Zealand allow you to ski from winter until early spring. However, with its cooler climate and more mountainous terrain, the South Island naturally hosts the best ski resorts in the country.

Nicknamed “The large four”, the resorts of Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cardrona and Treble Cone make it possible to ski while admiring the dream landscapes of the South Island.

The chair lifts leave a little to be desired, but this does not discourage the national teams who come to train on these slopes.

For its part, if the North Island has fewer tracks, their quality is still exceptional.

There are no vertiginous mountains (the relief is less accentuated on this island), but you will slip on the flank of volcanoes, some of which are still in activity!

The proximity of mountains and beaches allows to alternate mountain and beach sports during the very same day, which is normally impossible in most countries.

It is possible to ski and go to the beach the same day.

As incredible as it sounds, the proximity of mountains with the sea allows you to ski in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoon! One can even see the sea from the top of some resorts.

There is a relaxed atmosphere in the New Zealand ski resorts.

Skiing and ambience in the resorts of Queenstown.

A film from Queenstown NZ

If I have decided to keep the mount Hutt in the list of recommended resorts on the South Island, I have, however, excluded the tiny stations of Hanmer Spring, Mount Olympus, Round Hill and Fox Peak.

How to Choose Your Ski Resort?

The level of the trails in New Zealand is quite high overall, but there are nevertheless areas perfectly suited for beginners and families.

The tracks are not classified in the same way as in Europe.

This is no surprise; the quality outweighs the quantity in New Zealand. You will have no difficulty finding suitable tracks for your level, but intermediate or semi-professional skiers will have more choice than beginners.

Unless exception, it is impossible to find accommodation on the spot at nightfall. New Zealand's ski slopes are deserted by skiers by the end of the afternoon. Fortunately, the surrounding cities serve as a base camp and offer all the services that one could hope of a ski resort.

Most stations stop their ski lifts at 4 pm, but Coronet Peak remains in service until 9 pm on Friday and Saturday.

The stations are totally deserted in the late afternoon.

You can also practice snowboarding on the ski slopes of New Zealand.

A report on Snowboarding in New Zealand.

Filmed by EpicTV

The problem of accommodation also concerns a North Island which has no equivalent to the splendor of Queenstown or Wanaka (although the charming towns of Ohakune or Whakapapa do better than defend themselves). However, the main advantage of the northern stations lies in their central position, close to d'Auckland or Wellington.

Queenstown celebrates the New Year with a great firework display and the city is known for its evening entertainment. It is by far the best ski resort in the country, even if the trails are several kilometers away.

To find the atmosphere you have to go back downtown.

But if you really have the choice, I always recommend skiing in the resorts of the South Island.

The ideal solution would be to plan your stay during the Queenstown Winter Festival to enjoy the atmosphere, the many ice-bars and nightclubs, open even on weekdays.

Make your decision, but beware: ski track classification differs from the one used in Europe.

New Zealand has its own color code and the red one does not exist, for example.

Here are the tracks colors in New Zealand, and the corresponding difficulty level:

Green Circle Beginners
Blue Square Intermediate
Black Diamond Experts

Finally, the altitude and the quality of snow being major criteria of choice, here is a comparative table which will be useful to prepare your stay:

Resort Island Hectares Altitude min Altitude max
Coronet Peak South 280 1168 1645
The Remarkables South 220 1935 2324
Mount Hutt South 365 1403 2086
Cardrona South 323 1669 1894
Treble Cone South 549 1260 1960
Ruapehu Turoa North 500 1600 2322
Ruapehu Whakapapa North 1051 1630 2245
Taranaki North 100 1260 1680
Here is a skiing achievement to pay tribute to the All Blacks before the Rugby World Cup.

An incredible skiing performance in honor of the Allblacks.

A promotional video of Air New Zealand

What Budget to Enjoy Skiing in New Zealand?

Heliskiing allows you to be dropped off at the top of the slopes, especially at Mount Cook where off-piste is exceptional. On the other hand, it will cost several hundred dollars to have this privilege.

It is possible to be dropped off at the top by helicopter.

You could choose to be dropped on a slope of the Mount Cook to go off-track with a whole mountain for yourself all lone (a whim at $800 per person). Fortunately, winter sports in New Zealand are quite affordable although renting equipment remains a significant expense as everywhere in the world

The average daily budget for skiing is about $100. A price reduced to $65 for a single half day and even divided by two for children. You will find that rates are very similar from one resort to another, with minor discounts of $5 to $10 per additional day.

The top of the top is to be deposited at the siummit of a mountain to descend in ski off-track.

If you can afford it, get dropped off at the summit by helicopter.

A report by Heli Ops Magazine
If, like the vast majority of travelers, you do not plan to bring your skis to New Zealand, you will have to rent your equipment on location.

It is often possible to rent equipment at the foot of the slopes, but it is strongly recommended equipping yourself instead in the nearby cities (Queenstown, Wanaka, Ohakune ...) where the prices are cheaper in the large sports shops.

Here are the daily rates for a "Full set" with shoes and sticks:

Entry level $25 to $35 Essentially old equipment
Mid-range $35 to $45 Few years of service
Top of the line $45 to $65 New or very recent equipment

These rates are realist, if you reserve on the Internet (not on site where you would pay a higher price) admitting that your size is still available! Note also that the end of the season often coincides with reductions of 20%

For your convenience, I have selected the best ski shops:

Queenstown South Snow Rental
Queenstown South Snow RentalSnow Biz
Queenstown South Snow RentalGreen Toad
Queenstown South Snow RentalBrown NZ
Queenstown South Snow RentalQuestore
Queenstown South Snow RentalSki Hire
Queenstown South Snow RentalSnopro
Queenstown South Snow Rental NZ Ski
Queenstown South Snow Rental RRsport
Wanaka South Snow RentalGreen Toad
Wanaka South Snow RentalSnopro
Wanaka South Snow RentalBaseNZ
Wanaka South Snow RentalRacer Edge
Wanaka South Snow RentalOutside Sport
Wanaka South Snow RentalRock Rental
Methven South Snow RentalSkow Methven
Methven South Snow RentalJaces Ski Hutt
Ohakune North Snow RentalSLR
Ohakune North Snow RentalSki & Board Station
Ohakune North Snow RentalSkished
Ruapehu North Snow RentalMt Ruapehu

It’s time to move on to the presentation of the height best stations in the country. I will give you the opinion of Kiwipal on each of them.

Skiing at Coronet Peak (Queenstown).

During the ski season, the Coronet Peak resort is open in the evening until 9 pm thanks to the lighting of the slopes, on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Coronet Peak is open until 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays

Located on South Island, New Zealand's oldest ski resort opened its first tracks to visitors in 1947. Popularity now enhanced by the proximity with Queenstown's airport.

Coronet Peak is a low-lying, south-facing station with acceptable snow cover.

You are, however, guaranteed to ski on all available tracks, the station having invested massively in the snow cannons.

Coronet Peak is a family resort suitable for beginners and weekend skiers.

A beautiful blue track 2400 m long allows to ski at your own pace, and the 280 hectares of the domain even allow to go off-track.

The Coronet Peak ski area map helps you to choose specific descents suited to your ski level.

The map of the ski slopes of the resort of Coronet Peak.

Here is a short report dedicated to the ski resort of Coronet Peak.

Presentation of the ski resort of Coronet Peak.

A report by NZSkiTV

Unfortunately, if the altitude tracks offer the most beautiful views, they are reserved for the best skiers. Many professionals come here to train before the international competitions.

Tracks levels at Coronet Peak:

25 % 45 % 30 %

The Lifts

  • 3 chair lifts (one takes you to the summit at 1645 m)
  • 4 drag lifts
  • 3 wonder carpets for beginners
  • Half pipes and jump tracks

Ski Passes

Book on the official website of NZSki and keep an eye on the discounts at the end of the season:

Full day $98 $55
Afternoon $67 $41
Soirée $51 $35

Practical Advice

The resort is open from mid-June to early October, from 9am to 4pm.

I particularly recommend you to enjoy the evenings of skiing from July to September: the lighting allows to ski until 9 pm on Friday and Saturday!

From Queenstown, the 18 km road leading to the resort is paved and can be completed in less than half an hour.

One will regret a car park too far away from the slopes and the shuttles not numerous enough.

The only real problem with the ski resorts of the country concerns their ease of access which is not exemplary with a lot of gravel roads at the end. You may need snowchains.

Access to the station sometimes requires snow chains.

Run by NZSki, the small resort has only one restaurant, the Heidi's Café, where the large terrace hosts outdoor concerts. Add the nursery and the ski school and you will have already visited the whole the resort! However, and this is an advantage rare enough to be reported, the presence of two hotels makes it possible to book accommodation on site (at significant rates alas).

Skiing at the Remarkables (Queenstown).

The country ski tracks are renowned throughout the world and national teams often come to train on the slopes of resorts like Treble Cone.

Without doubt the most beautiful panorama of skiing in the world.

The “Remarks” as they are called, are a mountain range of the South Island, where one of the highest ski resorts in New Zealand is located. The breathtaking panorama on Lake Wakatipu justifies the trip even if you do not ski!

Smaller than Coronet Peak (its rival near Queenstown), the resort is nevertheless sunnier, less windy and especially snowier (thanks to the altitude).

The 220 hectares of the estate are perfect for a day of skiing, snowboarding or luge.

Advantage for some, but inconvenience for others: the tracks are perfect for beginners and offer a progressive difficulty. It is the ideal resort if you only ski your skis once a year.

The Remakables trail map will help you choose slopes adapted to your ski level.

The ski trail map at The Remarkables.

This film features New Zealand's most famous ski resort.

Ski resort facts: The Remarkables

A report by NZSkiTV

But high-level skiers can still enjoy the longest runway in the resort, which offers a one-and-a-half-kilometer descent, and off-track skiing despite steep slopes.

30 % 40 % 30 %

The Lifts

  • 2 drag lifts
  • 3 chair lifts
  • 1 wonder carpet

Ski Passes

Book your ski pass (credit card format) on the official website of NZSki.

Full day $98 $55
Afternoon $65 $38

Practical Advice

The ski season at the Remarkables begins in late June and ends in mid-October, with traditional opening times from 9 am to 4 pm. It takes three quarters of an hour to get to the ski tracks from Queenstown. The road is not always salty, which sometimes requires the use of chains in the morning when it has snowed during the night.

New Zealand ski resorts are generally accessible by motorhome, but it is better not to try your luck if the road is snowy…

Access is not recommended and sometimes prohibited to camper-vans.

Stay focused on the road, because the final part of the ascent is done a gravel road that leaves something to be desired. You should not drive a motorhome on this road, and it is better to borrow the shuttle (its price is included in the ski pass) which leaves from the parking located four kilometers from Queenstown on the SH6.

We come here to ski or to learn to ski, and that is already great!

Equip yourself in Queenstown, because if the resort offers a ski-rental service, it is, of course, overpriced. Other on-site facilities include a fast food service, a picnic area and a kindergarten.

Skiing at Cardrona (Wanaka).

Difficult to choose between the New Zealand ski resorts, although it is commonly accepted that the best trails are located in the stations of the big four: Cardona, Treble cone, Remarkables and Coronet Peak.

Cardrona is one of the best ski resorts in the country.

Cardrona is one of the largest resorts in New Zealand. Nowhere in the world can you ski in panoramas of such splendor! Only the rather ugly resort facilities give the impression that the architects hesitated between a mountain chalet style and the theme park.

Snowy, vast (323 hectares) and very accessible, Cardrona is the reference station for occasional or novice skiers.

Confirmed skiers will find their happiness with excellent black runs, and one is even inclined at 45° and accessible only if the risk of avalanche is discarded!

No picture can do justice to the beauty of the landscape! Cardrona has always been my favorite resort in New Zealand.

25 % 55 % 20 %

The Lifts

  • 4 drag lifts
  • 3 chair lifts

Ski Passes

Book your ski passes online on the official resort website

Full day $99 $51
Matinee $72 $63
Afternoon $72 $63

Practical Advice

The ski area welcomes skiers from June 20 to October 5 from 9 am to 4 pm and has a low capacity with only three lodges and several restaurants (including a Chinese one). For the atmosphere in the evening and to save money, I advise you to book a hotel in Wanaka (at 25 km only) rather than in Queenstown which is too far away.

The map of the tracks of the Cardona will help you to choose descents adapted to your ski level.

Map of the ski slopes of the resort of Cardrona.

Warning: The unsealed road leading to the ski resort is the highest in the country and vehicles must often be equipped with snow chains. Prefer the bus shuttles, because the road gives the vertigo and requires an extremely careful driving.

Skiing at Treble Cone (Wanaka).

Treble Cone trails are not recommended for beginners. On the other hand, if you are a good skier, you will enjoy exceptional tracks and dream panoramas.

The Treble Cone slopes overlook Wanaka Lake.

Surrounded by the snow-capped summits of Mount Aspiring National Park, Treble Cone overlooks Wanaka Lake and has the largest ski area (549 hectares) on South Island, despite its rather rudimentary facilities.

Unlike the neighbor resort Cardrona, Treble Cone and its demanding tracks are not suitable for beginners.

If there are some sections adapted to the learning, the rest of the tracks are too frightening for the skiers lacking practice. However, if you are among the lucky ones who enjoy ski vacations every year since their childhood, this is a fantastic ski resort!

Test the blue tracks before considering the black ones that require a nearly professional level and a good dose of courage.

Warning: The “Double Diamond” track is probably the most terrifying of the country and you should think twice before trying to ski such a dangerous slope.

10 % 45 % 45 %

The Lifts

  • 2 drag lifts
  • 2 chair lifts

Ski Passes

The official Treble Cone website allows to book ski passes online.

Full day $105 $51
From 12:30 p.m. $73 $35
From2:30 p.m. $40 $25

Practical Advice

One can ski in Treble Cone from July 4th to September 28th and from 9am to 4pm on dream tracks, but in mediocre reception conditions. The resort has only a small lodge almost always complete and a restaurant (very pleasant however) where the mountain parrots (kea) come to steal fries on the outdoor tables.

The Treble Cone ski area map helps you to choose specific downhill slopes to suit your ski level.

The map of the ski slopes of the resort of Treble cone.

This short movie introduces you to the Treble Cone ski resort, one of the most famous in the country.

Presentation of the ski resort of Treble Cone near Wanaka.

A video of Treble Cone NZ

Alas, the last kilometers to cross to reach the ski resortare to be done on a gravel road. Vehicles must be equipped with snow chains if the snowplow did not have the time to clear the way. Don't complicate your life, and use the $10 shuttle departing from the Wanaka iSite.

Skiing at Mt Hutt (Canterbury).

The ski resort of Mount Hutt is just a two-hour drive from Christchurch on South Island of New Zealand.

The trails of Mt Hutt are only 2 hours drive from Christchurch.

The Canterbury region has only one 365-hectare ski area, but of exceptional quality. At the top of the trails of Mt Hutt, you can see not only the Southern Alps but also the Pacific Ocean!

If you consider the wide variety of tracks and the proximity with Christchurch, Mount Hutt does better than defending itself against the Otago's resorts. An intermediate level is, however, required to enjoy this station.

To the beauty of the landscape (you ski while contemplating the ocean), one must underline the quality of the snow that beats all the records of the country! It falls more than four meters of snow each year on these slopes!

The trail map of Mount Hutt will help you choosing descents adapted to your ski level.

Map of the ski slopes of Mount Hutt.

This movie features the Mount Hutt ski resort in New Zealand in the Canterbury region.

Presentation of the ski resort of Mount Hutt.

A report by NZSkiTV

Because the green slopes for beginners are quite numerous, the blue or black slopes that flirt with the peaks (to descend between the rocks) impose a technical level to which few skiers can pretend.

25 % 50 % 25 %

The Lifts

  • 1 teleski
  • 3 chair lifts
  • 1 wonder carpet (covered, 140m long)

Ski Passes

Book your ski passes (credit card format) on the official NZSki website.

Full day $98 $53
Afternoon $65 $38

Practical Advice

Because it is just two hours’ drive away from Christchurch, the ski resort of Mt. Hutt is very popular among holidaymakers.

Managed by NZSki (like most resorts on the South Island) Mt Hutt welcomes skiers from 7 June to 12 October from 9 am to 4 pm depending on the snow conditions.

The small fast food and the friendly Hutt Base Café are your only options.

The lack of accommodation on location obliges the skiers to descend 25 km lower in the valley to lodge themselves in Methven, a village that only comes alive during the ski season and mostly serves as base camp.

The best accommodation if you plan to ski at Mount Hutt is to book a hotel in the village of Methven located about 25 km.

The nearest accommodation is in Methven.

The last kilometers to reach the resort takes place on a gravel road. A road which imposes snow chains in winter and which is so often closed because of snowfall that some New Zealanders have renamed the resort “Mount Shut”.

Skiing at Turoa (Mount Ruapehu).

The Turoa ski resort is one of two resorts on Mount Ruapehu on the North Island of New Zealand.

Turoa is one of the two ski resorts of Mount Ruapehu.

Famous for having served as a filming location in The Lord of the Rings, Mount Ruapehu is the highest point of the North Island is recognizable by its truncated cone shape. Of the two ski areas of this active volcano, Turoa, with 500 hectares, is the smallest one.

It is not every day that one can ski on a volcano in activity! In 1996, the station had already closed due to a small eruption. Vulcanologists now believe that Mount Ruapehu will erupt in the years to come ... which should worry you or motivate you according to your character.

The proximity to the sea and the consequent height of the volcano (2797 m) explain the heavy snowfall.

From the top of the slopes, you can see Mount Taranaki (also a ski resort) and the Tasman Sea! A truly spectacular panorama!

The Turoa slopes map helps you to choose descents suitable to your skier level.

The map of the ski slopes of the resort of Turoa.

Turoa is a resort that one frequents to learn or to perfect oneself. Extreme sports enthusiasts will have to reach the summit at 2322 m to find tracks matching their level. The whole area is very well connected (with respect to the stations of the South Island, it is day and night) with not less than nine chairlifts.

20 % 55 % 25 %

The Lifts

  • 4 drag lifts
  • 5 chair lifts
  • 1 wonder carpet (120m long)

Ski Passes

Book your ski passes online on the official resort website.

Full day $99 $59
Matinee $70 $42
Afternoon $99 $59

Practical Advice

Turoa welcomes you from June 18th to November 7th from 9am to 4pm thanks to its exceptional snow cover and its south-west orientation.

The station is halfway between Auckland and Wellington (a four hours’ drive from the capital and a bit more from the city of sails).

To climb to the station with your own vehicle, and even if the overall condition of the road is correct, you must have snow chains in your trunk to deal with any eventuality.

Using the shuttle is not very expensive (about $10) and it can avoid driving in difficult conditions.

To ski at Mount Ruapehu, it is preferable to stay in the village of Ohakune where there are also many ski shops and restaurants.

Stay in town in Ohakune or Whakapapa.

This is unfortunately a classic in New Zealand: the accommodation on location is limited to three lodges, and you will have to leave the resort in the late afternoon.

I recommend booking a hotel in the town of Ohakune rather than at Whakapapa, not only because the number of hotels is more consequent, but especially to take advantage of the shops of ski rental.

On the other hand, you will be spoiled for choice to eat at the bottom of the slopes. Turoa has several great restaurants including the famous “Giant Chair” located 2057 m above sea level and which offers a superb unobstructed view of the volcano.

Skiing in Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu).

Mount Ruapehu has two different ski resorts: Whakapapa and Turoa, whose slopes are significantly different.

Whakapapa is the other station of Mount Ruapehu.

Whakapapa is the second ski resort of Mount Ruapehu and has the largest ski area in New Zealand with 1051 hectares. From the top of the slopes, the landscapes of the west coast are splendid, but still it is necessary to have the level required to enjoy this resort.

The massive volcanic eruption of 1996 caused the closure of Whakapapa for safety reasons.

Yes, this is not a joke! The ski resort is established on the slopes of an active volcano, andvulcanologists agree that it could wake up soon.

The ski park is immense, but Whakapapa caters mainly to seasoned skiers.

The forty blue slopes served by fourteen lifts should be enough to occupy you during a whole week!

The Whakapapa Trail Maps will help you choose suitable descents for your ski level.

Ski maps of the resort of Whakapapa.

Beginners can still enjoy some green slopes but will expose themselves to the disappointment not to have the pleasure to see the landscapes of altitude. Under these conditions, there is no reason to come here... Turoa, the other resort on Mount Ruapehu, is just an hour's drive away on the other side and it is far more suitable for occasional skiers.

20 % 55 % 25 %

The Lifts

  • 7 drag lifts
  • 7 chair lifts

Ski Passes

Book your ski passes online on the official resort website.

Full day 99 $ 59 $
Matinee $70 $42
Afternoon $99 $59

Practical Advice

Whakapapa welcomes skiers from June 29 to October 22 from 9 am to 4 pm.

It seems that all ski champions have opted to come here! Unlike most resorts in the country, Whakapapa is very popular (and sometime crowded), and you would be well-advised to come early in the morning, especially on weekends.

Do I really need to specify that your vehicle needs to be equipped with snow chains in winter if you plan to reach the resort by the road...

But rather than driving on the gravel road, why not taking the cheap shuttles departing from Ohakune and Whakapapa Village?

Whakapapa offers few lodging solutions if not some hotels, fortunately good quality.

After skiing, you can stay in Whakapapa.

This is rare enough in New Zealand to be underlined: you can find accommodation in the resort where six lodges awaits you.

However, do not expect to find a vibrant atmosphere when the night comes, even though the resort has six restaurants.

All in all, it seems more judicious to book a downtown hotel in Ohakune or Whakapapa village.

The Knoll Ridge T-bar offers the best view of the volcano and you will be on the first line if a volcanic eruption happens... (you should not think too much about that).

Skiing at Mount Taranaki (Mount Egmont).

The resort of Mount Taranaki offers the cheapest packages of the country, because the resort is both small and its tracks of a formidable level. If you are a good skier, you have found your happiness!

Taranaki station offers the cheapest ski passes in the country.

Mount Egmont, better known by its Maori name “Taranaki”, is actually an ancient volcano at rest (but not extinct ...) with a small ski resort and a great atmosphere.

I had originally announced that I would to exclude the smaller stations in this ranking, and with only one hundred hectares to offer to skiers, Mount Taranaki can't compete with its rivals of the North Island. But to attract customers, the Stratford Mountain Club offers packages twice less expensive than anywhere else in New Zealand!

This very aggressive policy on price works and the ski resort of Mount Taranaki is crowded despite the absence of high-end facilities.

The map of the slopes of Mont Taranaki will help you to choose descents adapted to your ski level.

Map of the ski slopes at Mount Taranaki.

If you are a beginner or casual skier, you can forget this resort... Mount Taranaki only offers green and black tracks that are dangerous for skiers who lack training.

5 % 45 % 50 %

The Lifts

  • 4 drag lifts

Ski Passes

Book your ski passes online on the official resort website.

Full day $45 $30
Half day $35 $25

Practical Advice

Finally, an easy access resort, with a paved road!

But you will have to walk a good twenty minutes to win the bottom of the tracks. Paradoxically, this effort heats the muscles and the station has the lowest number of interventions by rescuers across the country!

The ski season starts on June 15 and ends on October 31 with opening hours from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Abundant snowfall is not essential because the terrain is covered with tussocks, a kind of dense grass that retains the snow (30 cm is enough for a track to be practicable).

Surfers are welcome in the mountain resorts of New Zealand, and special trails are provided to accommodate them.

Of course you can also surf in New Zealand.

Mount Taranaki is not suitable for beginners and there is no ski school on site. Despite the affluence, you will not find any shop on site and you will have to rent your equipment in New Plymouth, the nearest town.

This concludes the presentation of the best ski resorts in New Zealand.

I leave you with Ben for the traditional FAQ.

William, Kiwipal
A Guide Written by William.
Founder of Kiwipal, New Zealand Travel Guide.

Questions & Answers.

What can I do for you? I'm not the king of the black slopes, but I've been skiing in New Zealand since my childhood. My mission is to advise travelers on the ski resorts of the country.

Ask a question to Ben

  • All topics ... 6 answers in total
  • Information and Budget 2 answers
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  • Safety Instructions 2 answers

Information and Budget

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, but as in hotels, this method of payment will be charged with a supplement calculated on the basis of 2% of the total price.

  • Is skiing expensive in New Zealand?

    The price of ski passes is roughly equivalent to that of the European stations.

Equipment for Skiing

  • Is it necessary to rent equipment?

    Nothing prohibits you from coming to New Zealand with your skis and shoes ... but the budget of the luggage will necessarily be more important. The option is only interesting if you are staying for a long time or planning the whole holidays around skiing.

  • Do you need to rent a helmet to go skiing in New Zealand?

    The level of the tracks is not transposable and a blue track can prove dangerous for a beginner or a skier in lack of training. Renting a helmet seems essential to me, whatever your level.

Safety Instructions

  • Are there any safety instructions?

    The safety instructions are the same as anywhere in the world. You must keep a distance with other skiers or snowboarders of about 7 meters. Follow the signs to the letter and do not venture into the mountains without a minimum of provisions and without having studied the tracks beforehand.

  • Should we fear sunburn?

    The ozone layer is thinner over New Zealand than in Europe. You can catch sunburn even if the cloud plays hide and seek with the clouds. Stick for lips and sunscreen are essential.

Guillaume picture in the mountains

Ask Questions to William.

New Zealand Expert

In the absence of having exceptional tracks (they do not compete with those of Europe), New Zealand allows you to ski in the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

Have you ever skied on the side of a volcano? Admired the sea while descending the slopes? It is possible in New Zealand ...

This folder gathers all the information you need to organize your ski stay. If you still have questions, I'm your man!

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