The Working Holiday Visa allows to work or study in New Zealand for a whole year.

Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand.

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Everything you need to know about New Zealand's Working Holiday Visa.
Work and study in New Zealand with the working Holiday Visa.

How to Get a Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa is issued only to those who respect the procedure of the Ministry of Immigration. We present the steps to follow to get the precious visa to enjoy an extraordinary year in the land of the Kiwis.

  • Formalities

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How to get an IRD number

What Are the Conditions to Find a Job?

The essential steps to be authorized to work during a Working Holiday Visa. Application for an IRD number, income tax return and tax rate calculation.

  • Jobs

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The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is for young travelers.

How to Find Jobs With a WHV?

Which are the hiring sectors and how much will you earn during your trip? Kiwipal presents the Woofing and HelpX solutions as well as the catering and fruit picking jobs. An unmissable guide!

  • Jobs

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The minivan is ideal to visit the country while looking for work.

What Transports for a Working Holiday Visa?

Do you need to buy or rent a vehicle? Is it possible to travel by bus, plane or train? So many questions that we have studied so that you can control your budget.

  • Transports

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How to find accommodations with a limited budget.

How to Stay Without Going Over Budget?

This complete guide presents you the flatsharing and the accommodation in youth hostels. An indispensable guide to avoid bad surprises during your stay. Many practical advice that will save you precious time when you arrive.

  • Accommodations

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Travel well insured during your year in New Zealand.

Do I Really Need a Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is not optional and you will have to present a certificate upon arrival. Yet it is necessary to know what insurance to select for a Working Holiday Program. Kiwipal has compared the various insurers in the market to help you choose.

  • Insurances

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Telephone subscription, Internet and Poste restante in New Zealand.

Mobile Phone, Web and Mail in New Zealand!

In order not to be cut off from the world, you will need a telephone and Internet connection in New Zealand. Kiwipal also explains the poste restante process and how the parcel reception works.

  • Mobile And Internet

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Opening a Bank account

How to Open a Bank Account in New Zealand?

The opening of a bank account is an indispensable operation to be able to work in the country. We have compared the different banks to find solutions suitable for a Working Holiday Visa.

  • Banks

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Study at a New Zealand university.

How to Study in New Zealand?

The excellent universities of Auckland and Dunedin welcome foreign students. But the organization of such a stay requires an excellent organization on site. We have prepared the ground for you.

  • Studies

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