The country is known for its mountain scenery as seen in the Lord of the Rings.

Best Things to Do and See in New Zealand.

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The Mitre Peak is the iconic summit of the Milford Sound.

Milford Sound, Most Beautiful Fjord on Earth.

Rudyard Kipling regarded Milford Sound as the 8th wonder of the world. Hundreds of spectacular waterfalls, dolphins and sea lions swimming in a majestic fjord ...

  • South Island
  • Fjords
  • Milford Sound

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Queenstown is the world capital of adventure.

Queenstown, Queen of Adventure.

The most dynamic city in the country reconciles lovers of thrills and nature lovers. Hiking in the mountains, summer luge races and jet boat in the canyons… and the bungee jumping!

  • South Island
  • Cities
  • Queenstown

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View of Auckland at night from Mount Eden.

Auckland, the Most Pleasant City in the World?

A day to visit the city of sails from the Mount Eden volcano to the Sky Tower. Enjoy a cycling tour of the beaches, learn the Maori culture or stroll through the bohemian district of Ponsonby.

  • North Island
  • Cities
  • Auckland

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The Abel Tasman National Park and its lagoons can be explored by kayak.

Explore the Sandy Beaches of Abel Tasman.

Read our advice to explore the Abel Tasman beaches by kayak, to encounter sea lions. Follow the path or use the water taxis to reach spectacular lagoons with turquoise waters.

  • South Island
  • Beaches
  • Abel Tasman

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Tongariro Crossing is the most famous hike in New Zealand.

The Emerald Lakes of Tongariro Crossing.

Discover the emerald lakes of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. An extraordinary day of hiking in the Lord of the Rings' Mordor. The 19.6 km of deserts, volcanoes and forests offer many surprises.

  • North Island
  • Treks
  • Tongariro Crossing

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Rotorua, a trip to the thermal town of New Zealand.

Rotorua, the Volcanic City of the North Island.

Lakes of all colors and powerful geysers. The region that witnessed the birth of Maori culture offers spectacular activities in a geothermal environment.

  • North Island
  • Cities
  • Rotorua

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The Fox Glacier is famous for its blue ice caves.

The Ice Caves of the Majestic Fox Glacier.

Cross the subtropical forest to reach a huge glacier that descends into the valley. Put on your crampons and explore the blue ice caves.

  • South Island
  • Glaciers
  • Fox Glacier

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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.

Wellington, Capital of New Zealand.

A fascinating city with Peter Jackson's studios and the most beautiful museum devoted to Maori culture. Not to mention the nature reserve of Zealandia, the Cuba Street cafe and the Oriental Bay Beach.

  • North Island
  • Cities
  • Wellington

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The coast of Bay of Islands and its turquoise sea.

Bay of Islands, the Dolphins' Paradise.

Enjoy the subtropical weather, swim with dolphins and explore on of the 144 desert islands of the bay. Russell, former pirates den, and Waitangi where was signed the treaty of peace with the Maori are places full of history.

  • North Island
  • Beaches
  • Bay Of Islands

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Travel in December and you will arrive in full New Zealand summer.

Cathedral Cove and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Imagine a beach of fine white sand, an emerald sea and a colossal arch carved in the rock. A stunning natural scenery which appears in the second part of the Narnia Chronicles.

  • North Island
  • Beaches
  • Cathedral Cove

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The Moerakis Boulders are round rocks on the beach.

The Mysterious Origin of the Moeraki Boulders.

There is a secret about the origins of those strange rocks, formed at the age of the dinosaurs. You may also walk along the beach to watch the penguins and the sea lions.

  • South Island
  • Beaches
  • Moeraki Boulders

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Travelers visit the Waitomo caves lit by glowworms.

Explore Waitomo's Glowworms Caves.

Have you ever explored caves filled with glowworms? Discover the extraordinary stalactites of Ruakuri Cave and abseil the waterfall to follow rivers to the center of the Earth.

  • North Island
  • Caves
  • Waitomo Caves

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Bag End is the home that Frodo heritates from Bilbo.

Hobbiton, the Village From the Lord of the Rings.

Explore the Hobbiton Village and find the house of Bilbo under the hill. The extraordinary visit ends with a beer tasting at the Green Dragon Inn.

  • North Island
  • Shooting Locations
  • Hobbiton

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The trip to Cape Reinga takes you to the lighthouse on the northern tip.

Cape Reinga, at the End of the World.

Drive on the beach toward the lighthouse of the Cape Reinga, where the souls returns to the sacred land of the ancestors. Go down the sand dunes on a surfboard and enjoy the best Fish'n Chips of New Zealand.

  • North Island
  • Beaches
  • Cape Reinga

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Dunedin is the university city of New Zealand, founded by Scots.

Discover the Scottish Soul of Dunedin.

Founded during the gold rush, Dunedin is a vibrant city with the largest university in New Zealand. Discover the steepest street in the world and a railway station worthy of Harry Potter.

  • South Island
  • Cities
  • Dunedin

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The Huka Falls are very powerful.

Contemplate the Power of the Huka Falls.

Its turquoise color will amaze you, but its power is terrifying. The earth trembles near the Huka Falls, capable of filling two Olympic swimming pools in few seconds!

  • North Island
  • Falls
  • Huka Falls

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Lake Matheson is famous for its perfect reflection of the mountain.

The Fairytale World of Lake Matheson.

The whole mountain is reflected on the surface of the lake where very strange creatures swim. Other wonders await you in the forest where grow blue mushrooms grows.

  • South Island
  • Lake
  • Lake Matheson

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Wanaka is a city of Otago famous for its landscapes.

Wanaka the Authentic, a Taste of Paradise.

A mix of adventure and relaxation in the former gold digger region. Walk along the lakeshore to the vineyards and enjoy the Hokey-Pokey ice cream after a hike to the Diamond Lake.

  • South Island
  • Cities
  • Wanaka

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The Kaikoura Peninsula allows the observation of whales.

The Whales of the Kaikoura Peninsula.

Tips for observing whales without seasickness and discovering the animal life of the Kaikoura Peninsula. You will also discover the nursery of sea lions near a cascade in forest.

  • South Island
  • Beaches
  • Kaikoura Peninsula

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The dead tree of Wilmot Pass and the first view over the fjord.

Doubtful Sound, a Fjord at the End of the World.

This impressive fjord was once inaccessible, but nowadays a trip crosses lakes and mountains to ends with a cruise among dusky dolphins.

  • South Island
  • Fjords
  • Doubtful Sound

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The Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki are an original rock formation.

Pancake Rocks, a Journey Back in Time.

Discover incredible cliffs formed 30 million years ago. The raging sea gives birth to real geysers and digs marine caves to visit at low tide.

  • South Island
  • Beaches
  • Pancake Rocks

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The great Mount Cook of New Zealand

Polar Adventures on the Flanks of Mt Cook.

Mount Cook is the base camp for many walks in spectacular valleys. The day ends with a zodiac excursion on a glacial lake among icebergs.

  • South Island
  • Glaciers
  • Mount Cook

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Hot Water Beach has a hot spring flowing under the sand.

Hot Water Beach and the Sand Spas.

Find the hidden hot spring that flows under the beach and dig your own spa in the sand to enjoy hot water in all seasons.

  • North Island
  • Beaches
  • Hot Water Beach

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Visit the active volcano of White Island in New Zealand.

Explore the White Island Volcano!

The island off the Bay of plenty is actually a huge active volcano. You can explore it with a guide, up to the smoking lake of the central crater.

  • North Island
  • Volcano
  • White Island

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The only city founded by French settlers.

Akaroa, the Only French Village of New Zealand.

One of the most remarkable panoramas of New Zealand. Nestled in the craters of the volcanoes of Banks Peninsula, discover the charm of this small town and come and swim with Hector's dolphins.

  • Ile Du Sud
  • Villes
  • Akaroa

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Whangarei Falls in Northland

Whangarei and the Treasures of Northland.

Discover a magnificent city and its marina, a legendary waterfall and the famous Mermaid Pools where you can swim. Explore tropical forests and white sandy beaches before you try your scuba diving at the Poor Knight Islands.

  • North Island
  • Cities
  • Whangarei

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