Book Hotel Nights for your New Zealand Trip.

Free Cancellation Possible Until 24 Hours.

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Why Booking Hotels or Motels
With Kiwipal?

  • You book online and pay at the hotel in New Zealand

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  • You spare 100% of the
    travel agency fees

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  • You cancel or modify bookings until 24h before arrival

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What Budget Should I Consider?
How to save money and have fun throughout a trip to New Zealand, alone, in couple or with friends.
How to Choose Your Hotel?
Discover the differences between Hotels, Motels,
Bed & Breakfasts and Lodges of New Zealand.

Book the Hotel Today and Pay later!

Find the hotel of your dreams and pay on location.


How to book
your hotel nights?

  • 1

    Search and Compare

    We have created a selection of the best hotels of New Zealand, matching every budget.

  • 2

    Book Hotel rooms online

    Most reservations can be canceled or modified free of charge, which is very convenient.

  • 3

    Book online and pay later

    You do not need to pay on the Internet but at the hotel reception in New Zealand.

Do You Need Help to Choose an Hotel?

Ask your question to a New Zealand experts team.

Ask a question now!

Our answers to travelers' frequently asked questions.

  • Can I cancel a reservation?

    Yes, and this is usually free up to 24 hours before the booking date.

  • Can you book the hotel for me?

    To get the best price, you must book by yourself without any intermediary.

  • Should I pay by credit card?

    Reservation can be done by credit card, but the balance can be paid by cash at the hotel.

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