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Pay your trip cheaper than with booking with a travel agency.

Visiting New Zealand Without Travel Agency.

Follow our guide to book your holiday without paying the services of a travel agency. Save on the price of your stay and stay longer with unforgettable activities.

  • Budget

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Book your motorhome for New Zealand without a travel agency.

How to Rent a Motorhome in New Zealand.

Motorhome is a synonym of freedom ... provided you follow our guide which details the driving on the roads of New Zealand and gives advice for the daily maintenance of the vehicle.

  • Transportation

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Book your car for New Zealand without a travel agency.

How to Rent a Car in New Zealand.

Our complete guide to rent a car model in New Zealand. From manual or automatic gearbox to gasoline consumption and insurance price comparison, nothing will be left to chance.

  • Transportation

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How to calculate the budget and expenses of the stay?

What Budget for a New Zealand Holiday?

Calculating the budget for a stay of several weeks is no longer difficult. Consider the smallest detail without forgetting the hidden fees! We have prepared this ultra comprehensive guide to help you.

  • Budget

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Réservation d'hôtels

Booking Hotels in New Zealand.

Kiwipal explains how to book your hotel nights without paying the services of a travel agency. How to find good deals and make great savings on your travel budget!

  • Accommodation

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Airport formalities with biosecurity checks.

What Are the Formalities to Visit the Country?

In addition to customs, all travelers must submit to biosecurity controls. Discover all the formalities regarding passports, visas and other vaccines.

  • Formalities

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New Zealand Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

Booking Flight Tickets to New Zealand.

Several airlines serve New Zealand, with a very variable quality of service. Follow our tips to book your plane tickets without spending your entire vacation budget.

  • Plane

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Préparer sa valise

What Should You Pack for New Zealand?

Our packing list allows you to chase the stress of departure! You will discover what type of luggage you should take and tips to dress according to the season.

  • Before Leaving

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Weather and temperatures according to the seasons.

The Weather to Expect in New Zealand.

The climate of the two islands often varies in the very same day. What temperatures can you expect during your trip? Is it necessary to take a swimsuit?

  • Weather And Climate

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Milford Sound

What Are the Most Beautiful Landscapes?

New Zealand resembles the fantastic world of the Lord of the Rings. But did you know that you can also find fjords and beaches of all colors? You are not at the end of your surprises!

  • Landscapes

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New Zealand

What Is the Best Season to Travel?

In the Pacific the seasons are reversed and Christmas falls in full summer. To avoid the crowd and enjoy your trip, you need to know the weather and the New Zealanders' way of life.

  • When To Leave

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The highway code and driving left in New Zealand.

The Highway Code in New Zealand.

Driving on the left is not difficult in a country where traffic is low. Nevertheless, there are rules and regulations specific to the New Zealand Highway Code.

  • Transportation

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Activities that can be booked depending on the time of year.

Booking Activities in New Zealand.

The activities you can do during your New Zealand vacation are mostly seasonal and weather dependent. Take advantage of our experience to choose unforgettable activities and save money by taking advantage of promotions.

  • When To Leave

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Chapka insurances and cancellations.

Travel Insurance for New Zealand.

Regardless of the duration of the stay, it is recommended subscribing a multi-risk travel insurance. Kiwipal presents the solutions adapted to New Zealand and compares with the bank card insurances.

  • Preparations

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A380 which takes off for New Zealand.

Taking the Plane to New Zealand.

Everything you need to know about the 24-hour flight aboard the A380. Tips for choosing the right airline and enjoying stopovers in Singapore or Dubai.

  • Plane

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Book your camping nights for your stay in New Zealand.

The Camping Guide in New Zealand.

The dream camping close to a white-sand beach or nestled in a breathtaking panorama exists in New Zealand, but you still have to know where to find it! A complete guide to booking your camping grounds and saving money.

  • Accommodation

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New Zealand local cuisine, Hangi and excellent wines.

What Are the Gastronomic Specialties?

Awarded among the best in the world, New Zealand wines accompany many original recipes, often based on lamb. But you cannot leave without tasting the Pavlova and the surprising Marmite!

  • Gastronomy

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Driving in New Zealand

Car or Motorhome Rental in New Zealand?

Before choosing between car and motorhome, remember that you'll have to drive on the left side of the road in New Zealand. We'll compare the advantages and disadvantages of each means of transport.

  • Transportation

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The Keas love rubber seals.

Which Animals Live in National Parks?

Unexplored by man until 1250 BC, New Zealand has unique animal species in the world. Not to mention the whales, dolphins and sea lions that swim near the shore.

  • Fauna And Flora

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What accommodation to book during your stay.

What Accomodation During Your Stay?

How to choose a good hotel? Should you prefer the Bed & Breakfast? And there are many types of accommodation at discounted prices, such as camping and youth hostels.

  • Accommodation

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Guerriers maoris

Is the Kiwi Population Welcoming?

Prepare to meet the population of the land of the Allblacks! Nicknamed Kiwis, New Zealanders hold high the values of courage and integrity.

  • Population

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Rotorua is the main tourist destination on the North Island.

How to Discover New Zealand's Culture?

Influenced by Maori and British traditions, New Zealand culture is not limited to rugby and the Lord of the Rings. Original architecture, refined sculptures and local specialties will surprise you.

  • Culture

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Conduite à gauche

What Are the Safety Instructions?

Despite an incredibly low crime rate, there are still some dangers to be avoided. Left-hand driving and unsafe behavior in nature also deserve your serious attention.

  • Security

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Trees and plant species that grow on both islands.

Flora and Wildlife of New Zealand.

If you dreamed of exploring wild forests, you made the right choice! Millennial trees and large ferns grow in 14 national parks throughout the country.

  • Fauna And Flora

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Ecologie et environnement

Shopping in New Zealand.

Because you cannot eat at the restaurant every day, Kiwipal explains how to shop in New Zealand to cook healthy food using local specialties that you must absolutely taste.

  • Gastronomy
  • Supermarkets

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