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Our complete guide to bring with you in New Zealand.

A guide that is never outdated.

The entire guide is available on smartphone.

Find all the practical tips on your smartphone.

The main problem with paper travel guides is that they are often overwhelmed a few weeks after their arrival in bookstores. Schedules and rates change all the time!

At Kiwipal, we hesitated to develop a mobile application, but we realized that the problem would be the same.

All the content of a downloaded application is unfortunately frozen! Updates are possible, but you just can't wait for them!

Kiwipal continues to grow and new contents and service are planned. An effective solution had to be found.

The display of the site automatically adapts to the size of your smartphone or tablet.

No need to download an application... just visit from your mobile phone or tablet.

Admittedly, it is necessary to have an Internet connection, but the WiFi access is free most of the time. Even campsites are more and more equipped.

Improved comfort of use.

Find all the practical tips of Kiwipal on your iPad tablet.

Kiwipal is optimized for tablets like the iPad.

Kiwipal works perfectly on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows ...) but we recommend you to use it on a tablet like the iPad.

With a slightly larger display of a tablet, you will enjoy photos and videos in higher definition.

You will also benefit from the Retina mode if your device has this type of screen. The texts and photos will be even more readable.

You have nothing to learn or configure. The display of the pages adapts to any orientation of the screen!

Find the steps of your trip.

Kiwipal itineraries can be viewed on mobile devices.

Keep your itinerary in your pocket.

If you take a route designed by Kiwipal, you will find practical tips and tricks for each step of your stay.

At Kiwipal, we do not see the interest of listing hundreds of restaurants and thousands of hotels.

We rather do a selection of the most beautiful cities and beautiful landscapes, with original activities.

The itineraries are calculated to allow you to make the most of your stay in New Zealand.

The ideal display is designed for a laptop or desktop computer.

Retrieve Kiwipal also on your laptop.

If you use Kiwipal during your stay, please let us know. We need your feedback to improve the site day after day.

Questions & Answers

Do you need help? I am here to explain everything you need to use Kiwipal mobile. I can assure you, it is very easy!

Ask a question to Ben

  • Is it free?

    The mobile version is, of course, free.

  • Which device should you own?

    Kiwipal works on old iPhones as well as on very recent hardware.

  • Does the site replace a traditional paper guide?

    If you follow a Kiwipal itinerary, there is no reason to buy a paid application or a paper guide whose informations are no longer valid.

  • Should I be connected to the Internet?

    Internet connection is essential. You will find free Wi-Fi in the vast majority of hotels and B & Bs in the country. Even campsites are often equipped and some cities like Dunedin and Wellington.

Photo d'un utilisateur de Kiwipal.

Bertrand has traveled with Kiwipal.

39 years old, from Paris France.

Kiwipal is fantastic and very well adapted to my iPad and even my iPhone.

We find the same content than on my laptop, but without having to zoom on the screen all the time.

In any case, it was the first time I was traveling without a paper guide, and I have not regretted it for a second.

Of course, I may have preferred a native app, but there was WiFi everywhere, it did not really bothered me.

His note: 8,5 / 10

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